What is the Schroth Method?

The Schroth Method is a nonsurgical 3D scoliosis rehabilitation technique which integrates corrective breathing and curve-pattern-specific exercise. The special technique is known as rotational angular breathing (RAB). The objective is to deflex and derotate the spine and rib cage to allow the trunk to return to a more natural physiological position.

Meet Dr. Anthony and Dr. Mark

With over 30 years combined experience as chiropractors and working with scoliosis and other spinal conditions, Dr. Mark and Dr. Anthony provide the Schroth Best Practice® method to San Diego. The doctors are dedicated and committed to teaching the Schroth Method to patients with scoliosis to help improve postural appearance and decrease pain and discomfort associated with scoliosis. This program is also a viable alternative to having surgery. Both Dr. Mark Mossuto and Dr. Anthony Mossuto are Schroth Best Practice® Certified and personally trained by Dr. Marc Moramarco, the first Advanced Instructor in the U.S.

“Our Aim Is To Educate, Enable And Empower The Patient For Positive Outcomes And Lifetime Scoliosis Management.”

Schroth Best Practice®

Over time, Dr. Weiss realized that the Schroth Method needed to be simpler and easier for patients to learn and integrate into daily life. He created add-ons and modifications to the original Schroth system, calling it Schroth Best Practice®. These updates mean that Schroth Best Practice® providers are trained to help address the sagittal plane, implement ADL instruction and teach ‘Power Schroth’. The result is a more patient-friendly, effective and efficient mode of learning.


  • Halt curve progression*
  • Spinal stabilization
  • Improve vital capacity
  • Improve chest expansion
  • Improve postural appearance
  • Reduce or eliminate pain
  • Patient empowerment

*strive for reduction in adolescents

Schroth Program

Our program varies in length by patient need. Most programs are typically completed within six sessions or less. Each session is one-on-one for two hours. Our multi- faceted approach features:

  • Curve-specific education
  • Physiologic® exercises
  • Mobilizations
  • ADL Training
  • 3-D Made Easy®
  • ‘Power Schroth’
  • Traditional Schroth
Katharina Schroth, who had scoliosis, created the method in Germany in 1921. Her grandson, Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss expanded and refined the method.
Individualized programs address the specific curve pattern of each person
Utilizing a specific breathing technique and pinpointed exercises, this method can effectively halt progression of some curves
Specific postural positioning instruction also helps support improved postural appearance

Schroth Patient Testimonials

After suffering from chronic knee and nerve pain for so long it eventually became unbearable. I couldn’t sleep and my entire day revolved around managing pain yet nothing helped. I felt so defeated I finally reached out to Mossuto Chiropractic and learned my scoliosis was the culprit. In only a few WEEKS of seeing Dr. Anthony I became virtually pain free!! I'm now moving around freely again, I’m sleeping soundly, I have more energy, and feel much less anxious. What I love most is that Dr. Anthony isn’t trying to give you a quick fix - but a long term solution instead. The Schroth Exercises are nice because they give you practices you can do at home that get you involved in your own care and progress. I’m eternally grateful for Dr. Anthony & everyone at Mossuto Chiropractic.

Jaclyn M.

I came to see Dr. Mossuto because I was struggling with severe back pain for about 6 years. I have scoliosis and I have been dealing with back discomfort at a very low level most of my adult life. Up until 6 years ago, I was able to participate in normal activities without disruption or serious back pain.

However, because of the increased severity and frequency of my back pain, the quality of my life was declining. It became difficult to fix my meals because I could not stand for more than 15 minutes without having to sit down. I could only purchase a few items at the grocery store at a time because I could not carry bags to my car and then into my home. I was out of breath as soon as I walked a few steps. If I lifted something too heavy, I had to sit with a heating pad and rest all the next day before the pain went away. I began using various creams that helped temporarily. Bending over became a chore. Because of these restrictions, exercise became too difficult and I suffered from lack of energy or motivation.

After coming to the clinic and receiving treatment from Dr. Anthony, I experienced remarkable improvement. The quality of my life began to increase. My energy level increased. I started going to the grocery store right after my adjustments because I felt so energized. My breathing improved. I no longer have to park in handicapped parking in front of the stores. I park far away just to get the extra exercise. I sleep better. I can now bend over and pick up things throughout the day without having to put a heating pad on. I have not used a heating pad or cream since I started chiropractic care. I can lift heavy bags without paying the price for it later. I am getting back to riding my bike, water aerobics, etc.

Although there is no cure for scoliosis, the chiropractic care that I have received and continue to receive greatly improved the quality of my life of which I am truly grateful!

Donna R.

I had a fusion for scoliosis when I was 15, but when I realized at 29 my scoliosis had worsened I became very concerned for my future mobility. My primary care doctor sent me to a physical therapist who told me there was nothing she could do aside from medicate me for the pain or refer me for another surgery. I did Schroth work with Dr. Mark and learned the exercises that can help prevent my scoliosis from continually worsening, but I also learned how to do everyday activities in a way specific to my body. I found exactly what I was looking for here, and I no longer worry about how I will feel in another 10 years!

Carley B.

Prior to the program I was under the impression that the only cure to my back pain and scoliosis was surgery and that my career as an athlete was concluding. After going through the program my flexibility improved dramatically, my breathing has improved, and I am able to tumble with little to no pain. I am a lot happier, confident, and I feel a lot stronger thanks to Dr. Mossuto and The Best Practice Schroth Method program. It was definitely worth the time and effort.

Katie G.

Dr. Anthony gives you his undivided attention and is completely supportive and uplifting. I went to him for scoliosis and even in the first few days of working with him and following his instructions, I felt younger (I’m 76) and had noticeably more energy. He was also able to help my husband with his shoulder discomfort which several other health professionals weren’t able to do. He is very gifted and dedicated to helping people and has very positive energy. He will be our chiropractor from now on.

Judy R.
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The Schroth Method By Katharina Schroth
  • The Schroth Method was established in Germany in 1921, by Katharina Schroth. This breathing and exercises technique for treating scoliosis, always according to individual curve pattern, has helped patients with scoliosis who have learned it immensely.
  • The method originated when Katharina was told she had scoliosis and doctors fit her with a scoliosis brace made of steel. Inspired to improve scoliosis without wearing a brace, she immediately began to devise a way to stop scoliosis from progressing. It soon became her life’s work and she began to teach others.
  • Her daughter, Christa Schroth (Christa Lehnert-Schroth) became an instrumental part of her practice. She assisted her mother from a young age and went on to become a physical therapist. Her contributions throughout her lifetime helped advance the method.
  • Christa’s son, Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weisss is the third generation to carry on the family legacy. An orthopedic physician, he is the former medical director of the clinic bearing his grandmother’s name having overseen the treatment of tens of thousands of patients with scoliosis over the years. His knowledge of scoliosis is immeasurable. He is widely published and there is no higher authority on the topic of conservative scoliosis treatment and 3D bracing for scoliosis.
  • He reintroduced the method to the world in its current form as Schroth Best Practice. The newest version of the Schroth method offers improved alternatives for patients with scoliosis.
  • Under his guidance, the Schroth Method has spread all over the globe as scoliosis patients look for alternatives to watch and wait, bracing, and surgery for scoliosis treatment. Dr. Mark Mossuto and Dr. Anthony Mossuto are certified Schroth Best Practice instructors in San Diego, CA.

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