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Knee Pain Can Be Treated With Chiropractic

If your knee pain is severe enough to limit your ability to function normally in daily life or take pain medication, and the pain remains bothersome, it is time to see a knee pain chiropractor San Diego. Consistent pain is not something you need to accept! During your first consultation, Dr. Mark will address your issues in and around the knee, but will also investigate if other alignment issues may be the cause of your knee pain, or at least contributing to it.

Limited range of motion in the hips or tightness in the lower back can place excessive strain on the knees which can be painful. With the right chiropractic care here at Mossuto Chiropractic, issues such as these can be corrected so you can live pain-free. Dr. Mark applies chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques in the areas of restricted movement in the knee as well as surrounding joints. *Mention orthotics? The combination of methods can help reduce knee pain while simultaneously increasing range of motion in the joint and improving its overall function. Call us today for more information regarding to our services.

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