Dr. Anthony Mossuto

Goals For My Community

I decided to embark on my journey of becoming a chiropractor because I felt so lucky to have the upbringing that I did. One free of medication and health limitations that allowed for the empowerment of the innate intelligence of my body. This is why I have chosen this path so that I can spread knowledge and information to my community about how this lifestyle can build healthy individuals and families.

It is time for our communities to take control of our own health and not rely on a system that does not address the root cause of symptoms and dis-ease. We plan to give you the tools to do so while also implementing specific, scientific chiropractic care to allow our practice members to find their optimal state of well-being and ultimately create a brighter future for generations to come.

I, along with my siblings, received chiropractic care throughout our childhoods. We did not have the “normal” childhood issues of ear infections and recurring colds as many of our friends experienced and when we weren’t feeling well, we adopted different solutions to these symptoms that did not involve the use of medications.

Throughout my younger years when I was heavily involved in sports and injuries were common, I would not run to the medicine cabinet for some Advil or Ibuprofen, but rather I would get adjusted. I was taught then my body is intelligent and gives a pain or symptomatic response for a reason! This feedback from our body is supposed to be listened to and addressed, not covered up!

I look forward to empowering our practice members and sharing with them how both I and my family have found health in a time where it is not so prevalent.

Chiropractic can definitely help the world feel better but even more importantly HEAL better.

Reset Your Health. Reset Yourself.

A Thirst For Knowledge

I am a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West, where I received Magna Cum Laude honors. I continue to attend many seminars to expand my clinical expertise and provide my community with excellent chiropractic care. Some of these courses  include Carrick Institute Clinical Neuroscience courses, Advanced Extremity Adjusting, and RockTape/RockBlade rehabilitation courses.

Understanding the importance of frequent and consistent exercise, I take part in many activities including functional weightlifting, basketball, golf, and hiking. Learning is a lifelong effort and paramount for continued personal development which is why we encourage our community to always have a thirst for knowledge.

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